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Julie and Nate: The Wedding

Julie and Nate were married in Grand Lake, CO in May of 2015.  It was truly beautiful.  It was also nearly two years ago.  But time and children have intervened and I’ve lapsed in posting until now.  I do remember one thing quite clearly from the wedding.  Julie’s dad gave a wonderful speech about his daughter and her relationship with Nate.  Above all it was impressed upon myself and the guests that what her father loved most about her and sought to protect her whole life as much as a parent could, was her enthusiasm and joyful spirit.  With Nate she had found an equal in spirit.  Someone to boldly go through life with together striving to leave the world a better place for them being in it and more so for being together.

Congratulations, Julie and Nate.  My daughter still fondly remembers your wedding and someday we plan to return to Grand Lake and ride the paddle boats again (preferably when the baby no longer would likely crawl out).



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