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Bruce Family: Welcome Baby Reid

Kristy and I went to graduate school together what seems like a lifetime ago.  We re-met when our eldest kids were about 1.5 years old and we found we were living in the same town.  Since then we’ve experienced the joy of parenthood together and helped each other enjoy it a bit more.  When River was young I struggled to find other parents who didn’t think taking a toddler hiking and camping was crazy or too much work.  Or would actually do a real bike ride with a toddler in a trailer instead of just going around downtown.  In Kristy and Matt we found kindred spirits who love the outdoors and adventure and work as we do to pass that love to our children.

In December of 2015 we had our son, Ansel, and in February of 2015 Kristy and Matt had their second son, Reid.  Our daughter River refers to Evan as her best friend or sometimes when differentiating between him and other good friends as her “good best friend”.  Perhaps Reid and Ansel will feel similarly when they’re a bit older.

We love you guys.  Congratulations!

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