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River: Twenty-one Months

Dearest River,

You are getting to be such a big (little) girl!  I’m serious.  While it’s exciting it’s also sort of bittersweet as we learn to accept you truly are growing up.  We look at you when you’re sleeping and try to remember what you used to look like and how you used to fit so perfectly on our chests sleeping.  Now holding you like a baby seems comical and lying on our chests your limbs all overhang onto adjacent surfaces.

We recently went on a two week road trip and I feel like you came home totally different.  You say your name now and even answer people sometimes when they ask you what your name is.  Your favorite phrase which you’ve been repeating almost daily has been “River ride choo-choo.”  I am working on finding you a train to ride soon.  You can confidently navigate steps now such that as long as you’re concentrating I’m pretty sure you can make it up and down almost any stairs.  Your hiking vastly improved and sometimes when we got to the end of a trail you’d request “River hike more.”  I’d always respond that we could hike more tomorrow which we invariably did do.  You hiked up steep trails and back down.  You shared what you saw with us and with Hiking Bear, excitedly pointing out flowers.  We can understand you pretty well these days and while sometimes you have us stumped and we give you the blank stare a lot of the time what you’re saying really does make sense and that’s pretty amazing.

You love your daddy, grandpa, and grandma.  I get requests all day long to call Dada, Baba, or Ma.  Or requests to see or meet one of them.

Two of my favorite recent phrases you’re started to say are; “I love you” which comes out as “love you” and “Thank you”.  So sweet.

Love you as always and forever,

Mommy and Daddy







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