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River: Eighteen Months

Dearest River,

My how much you have grown!  Well, not size wise really, with that you are just slowly inching along.  But in every other way.  You talk and run and spin.  And you bring joy to every day with your beautiful smile and lightheartedness.

Recently you learned how to spin and the first time you did it I think I nearly choked on my food.  I was so proud of you and also so very amused as you just kept spinning and spinning until you stopped and walked off looking like a drunken sailor stumbling everywhere.  You are still working on jumping and getting your feet off the ground. Someday soon I know you’ll get that and you’re going to have a huge smile of pride on your face.

These days you’re fascinated with your shadow and love to check on it.  To look at it’s size.  To look at it’s color.  To look at whether it’s following, leading you, or to your side.  And if it’ll wave back.  You’ll stop everything on a walk to inspect your shadow and mommy’s and perhaps to try to get your shadow to leave the ground.

You say more and more words everyday and we can actually understand you sometimes which is pretty amazing.  Granted a lot of your words sound nothing like the real world but more like the sound of the real thing.  Water sounds like the gurgle of water in a stream.  Chickens are sometimes chic– but mostly bok bok.

You truly are an amazing little girl.

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy

You truly are an amazing and little girl.

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy








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