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River: Fourteen Months

Dearest River,

It’s amazing how much you’ve changed since I last wrote.  Back when you turned a year you were just starting to take steps.  You’d managed to piece together several steps but only did so inside and so we didn’t consider you a walker.  Now you run.  It’s the cutest run with a little bit of swagger and definitely involves a backwards glance at us to ensure we are indeed either in pursuit or aware that you’ve taken off with something you probably aren’t supposed to have.

You amaze us everyday with your achievements big and small.  You’ve learned to stack your rings and put shapes into the correct holes.  You bring your shoes, hat, or socks when I tell you we’re going outside and proceed to attempt to put those articles on.  Thus far you’ve succeeded at putting your own hat on once and daddy’s shoes and hat many more times.  You point to your belly button when we ask where it is.  You point to your nose (or stick your finger in it) when we ask where it is.  And you pat your head when you bonk it, want a hat, or we ask where it is.  You now make animal sounds.  First came the doggie “woof, woof” in a hushed whisper.  Then the kitty “mroww”.  You love the cats and they’ve learned to be patient as you enforce hugs and tackles onto them.  Daisy still has less tolerance but Capser will endure more anything short of screaming in his ears.  You love to give hugs and kisses to your stuffed animals and dolls.  Cordy the lion tends to get the bulk of the affection and is often passed to us to hug and kiss as well.  Occasionally you’ll snuggle into us or give mommy a kiss.

You’re becoming more and more a little girl everyday and less of a baby and it makes us nostalgic as we remember the tiny baby you started as.  I have a feeling we’ll always think back to those first few weeks with amazement and affection for who you were and how far you’ve come.  You are turning into a super sweet, smily, slightly mischievous, and incredibly adorable girl.

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy






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