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River: Twelve Months

Dearest, River Moon,

You’re one!!!  Happy birthday to our little baby!  We are ever so proud of you and ever so grateful to be your parents.

Leading up to your birthday we couldn’t help but think back on a year ago and the weeks leading up to your birth.  As opposed to most parents who wait for a baby taking its’ sweet time coming into the world we were just hoping you didn’t decide to make an even earlier than scheduled entrance.  And we tried to keep anxiety at bay as mama spent two weeks in the hospital hoping we didn’t need to utilize the fact that we were so close to the Operating Room.  Mama watched as leaves turned from green to gold, red, and orange outside the window.  Watched as people walked in and out of the hospital bearing gifts, luggage some walking quickly others very slow.  Watched as the new wing of the hospital was built.  Watched as helicopters landed and departed.  Watched as jackets were donned in place of short-sleeves as the first snows of the season descended.  And then felt the intense love we had for you from the moment of your birth.  The gratitude and relief that you were healthy and perfectly fine.  The anticipation as daddy hesitantly announced you were a girl.

This Fall mama treasured the smells, the first chills, the falling leaves, and crunch of the leaves underfoot just a little more.  Forever this will be a season to celebrate your birth made so memorable in the year you came into the world.  And forever it will be mama’s favorite season because of you.

Love you always, Peanut.

Mommy and Daddy






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