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River: Eleven Months

Dearest River,

Eleven months!  That means you’re almost one.  Craziness!

This month you’ve continued to work on your standing skills and can now stand unassisted for many minutes.  The other night we were out at dinner and one table was convinced you would take your first steps right there as they cheered you on.  Sadly for them they didn’t witness your first steps but they did witness a smiling baby standing and occasionally wobbling as your bottom got closer and closer to the ground until you eventually had to plop down.  It seems like you’ll start walking any day now but that could mean tomorrow or in two months (or more).

You’ve also started waving hi which is so so adorable.  You seem to do it really whenever you’re happy and to nearly anyone.  Once you’ve woken up a bit in the morning you wave “hi” to us as we all snuggle in bed.  When you’re in the swing you’ll wave to us or wave beyond us to the kids playing on the playground.  And the one time we were watching a football game (because it was the first one of the season) you waved to the people on the TV.

Luckily you’ve mostly moved beyond (at least for now) your super clingy phase of last month and are fine being put down.  You love to play with your blocks and topple towers that daddy builds or simply bang the blocks or suck on them.  When we’re in the kitchen we sometimes give you a metal bowl and a spoon and you love to make your own music banging those two together.

You’ve also started to use your potty this month and after a week break after a very successful first day you use it sometimes and that’s enough for now.

Love you always little Peanut,

Mommy and Daddy









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