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River: Ten Months

Dearest little River,

My goodness are you growing up!

It’s incredible to think of how much you’ve grown and changed over these last ten months and even more recently these last few weeks.  Gone are the days of the toothless grin and the contentedly sitting baby.

At the moment I could probably best describe you as a highly opinionated mommy-loving fearless goofball.  You are getting more complex and more fun but also more challenging.  Some days all you want to do is be held by mommy (okay most days recently).  While most of the time I find this extremely endearing and love to cuddle with you I’m not going to lie that sometimes it can be extremely frustrating when I just want to set you down for a moment and I see that little arched back, that thrown back head, and I can hear the cry that will emerge seconds later.  I know you do it because you have no other way to tell me what you want and you still don’t understand when I try to tell you what I’m doing but I do look forward to the day when we can communicate without these moments.

You’re also very social and make friends wherever we go.  You love to play with the other babies at yoga and story time and often let everyone know what a great time you’re having with joyous screams.  At the Folks Fest you made friends with everyone around us by crawling right over to their blankets and joining their parties.  Often we’ll find you looking toward strangers smiling in anticipation of getting a smile back.

You love water and dirt.  You’ve recently found the cat’s water bowl and love to go over to it, splash in it a bit, and spill it.  I just laugh as it’s just water and you’re always so pleased.  At the playground you love to just run the sand through your hands.  It’s wonderful to see you taking such joy in truly feeling the world.

You’ve continued to get faster at crawling this month and ever more ambitous at climbing.  Your crawl still involves dragging your left leg and while amusing and lopsided doesn’t seem to hold you back at all.  You love pulling up and have begun to explore the world from standing.  You’re getting better everyday at standing without help and someday soon I expect you’ll start trying to move from that position and we’ll enter a new phase of bonks and bumps.  You love climbing stairs when you can find them and are always very proud of yourself when you do.

This month as well was your first backpacking trip and we’re looking forward to taking you on many, many more.  🙂  And are certainly looking forward to the day we no longer carry both you and the gear.

We’re so very proud of our little girl.  Love you always, Peanut.

Mommy and Daddy





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