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River: Nine Months

This month was huge.  In the way that suddenly everything has changed and yet it’s so very wonderful.  You’re officially a crawler!  And now we better start baby-proofing. 🙂

At the start of the month you figured out how to go from being on your belly to sitting up and that seems to have opened the door to crawling.  Because suddenly instead of calling for help when you ended up stuck on your belly you could fix it and get lots of practice attempting to crawl.  Your first practice area was our lovely and new luxurious king bed (mommy and daddy’s anniversary present to each other).  You love rolling all around and going crazy on it so it was the perfect place to practice with all your falls cushioned.  You worked on your new self-sufficient sitting skill and transitioning up and down for a couple weeks before suddenly you were crawling.  Slowly at first and sort of seal-like.  Then further.  Then faster.  And now all over the house, the yard, the park, the library, really wherever we set you down.

And just as we adjusted to you crawling you’re pulling up and seem determined to keep on moving towards walking.  Before bedtime you still do all sorts of acrobatics on the bed and the specific type just keeps shifting as you work on new skills.

And perhaps the development dearest to daddy’s heart.  You now say “dada”.  You say it in the sweetest, softest voice as you whisper “dada, dada, dada.”  It’s so very cute.

As always, we love you little River Moon.





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