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River: Eight months

This month your biggest accomplishment was moving to really truly eating.  At six months you started eating solid foods but it wasn’t until recently that you really truly started to enjoy them and reliably doing more than bang your spoon or sippy cup during meals.  Mealtimes are really fun now and you get very very excited and animated about your food.  These days your favorite food is basically anything on bread.  Humus.  Yogurt. Whatever we can get on there you love smashing into your face and licking off the bread. Sometimes you nearly juice your food with your hands in excitement.  Meals are still very messy and are often eaten simply in your diaper in an attempt to reduce the number of times mommy does the oxyclean soak.

You’re also making more subtle strides towards moving and mommy is content for you to stay in one place as long as possible.  We know it’s coming soon though and just try to enjoy the moments of cuddles and stillness before it all changes.

Love you as always, Peanut!





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