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River: Seven Months

Dear River,

This past month has been a blur.  You’ve changed so much so quickly that we can hardly keep up.*

Right after you turned six months we started introducing you to solid foods.  At first you had a few favorites and weren’t so sure of the rest.  The first food to make it to hit status was broccoli and you’d go right for it if we gave it to you.  We certainly hope that you continue to enjoy it as much as you do now.  Other favorites include strawberries, cherries, pineapple, and toast.  For weeks you only wanted food during some meals and others you preferred to bounce or play.  Now you are starting to have a lot of fun  and can happily spend an hour having a leisurely meal and investigating each item we’ve given you.  You’re quite messy and we can’t help laughing as you joyfully spread hummus everywhere or tear apart a strawberry and strew pieces onto the floor as well as into your mouth.  We’re doing lots of laundry these days and learning how to remove stains.

You’ve mostly mastered sitting on your own and it’s been so fun to watch you happily playing while banging together blocks or toys with your newly free hands.  You love the new perspective on the world and we love the relief of holding you a bit less.  Shortly after sitting you started work on perfecting your rolling and you can now roll both directions and do so all the time.  It was a pretty sudden development as you just started practicing rolling back to stomach one day and before we knew it you’d gone from rolling once every few weeks to so many times we couldn’t keep track.  And now you’re working on crawling.  For now you can crawl backwards which seems not at all what you want as you’re always frustrated when your intended target gets further and further away instead of closer.  With all your big movements have come your first bonks and with particularly big ones we hold our breadths too as we wait for you to breathe and let out the inevitable wail as we hold you close and try to kiss and cuddle it better.

You have also very much found your voice and enjoy screaming now and again when you’re happy.  We love it except when it’s right in our ears. 🙂

Luckily with all your movement towards independence you’re also making moves towards us as well.  You reach your arms up and flex your body when you want our help sitting up.  And you reach your arms up to us when you want to be picked up.  With all your big changes it’s nice to know you want cuddles sometimes too.

We love you as always, Peanut!

Mommy and Daddy

*I’m writing this at 7.5 months so while it’s all happened between 6 and 7.5 months I’m not 100% sure what happened by 7.  Sorry little one, momma slacked.

Which means if we’re covering to 7.5 months you’ve also attended your first wedding.  Sure you missed the really wonderful parts where Elizabeth and Evan said their vows and their community talked about them in beautifully eloquent ways (for why see reference to screaming above).  But you made it for the dancing on mama’s back and falling asleep on momma’s back with your head hanging back.  And after dancing you spent your first night in the tent and besides taking over momma’s thermarest it went really well and we’re planning to do it again.









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