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River: Six Months

Dear River,

This month the hands have really started grabbing.   Grabbing mommy’s hair.  Grabbing our fingers.  Grabbing toys.  Grabbing plates.  Grabbing toes.  All with one objective, to get it in your mouth, whatever it is.  You’re exploring your world with the help of mouth and hands.  When we lay you down to change a diaper your toes always go right up to your mouth and we have to negotiate access to your legs one at a time to do the diaper change.

You’re a super happy baby and are not shy about sharing smiles and laughs with strangers.  You love going to the grocery store and babble as we walk through the store (and sometimes fall asleep somewhere around baking).  We walk nearly everyday and you love facing out to look at the world. This month you’ve been seeing and touching your first flowers and budding trees.  Of course you’ve also seen a good bit of snow this month as it’s been a super snowy and wet April.

Bedtime has been getting easier most nights.  We still wear you after doing stories, milk, and your daddy massage but often you fall asleep without crying.  It makes me hopeful that perhaps someday (hopefully before you’re too heavy to wear) we won’t have to wear you to bed.

This next little bit is going to be a lot of fun!  You’re six months now so bring on the food!  And I’m sure one of these days you’ll progress from rolling one direction every few weeks.    But we’re not rushing it, we have years ahead of us chasing you and a few weeks or months where you stay in one place seems just fine.

Love you always, Peanut!










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