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River: Five Months

Dear River,

Happy five month birthday!

It’s crazy that you’ve been here on the outside for five whole months already.  That’s nearly half a year.  When you first came out it was Fall and shortly thereafter it turned into Winter with some snow your first week and now the bulbs are coming up in the garden and you’ve been here this whole time.  You’re not a tiny little helpless newborn anymore and we kind of miss that now though I suspect that our memory might be rosier than it actually felt when you were tiny and we didn’t know what to do with you and you weren’t sure you could trust us (but of course you had no choice).

This month we visited Grandpa in Florida and you had a blast.  You loved smiling and laughing with him.  You especially loved when he stole your nose over and over.  The birds were all afraid of you which was mildly amusing.  Despite mommy and daddy being worried about the flights you actually did great.  You went to the beach for the first time and saw the Gulf of Mexico but we didn’t dip your toes in it.

Your big achievement of late has been your ability to grab.  We’re learning to be careful about what we put within reach of those little hands.  You don’t seem to discriminate yet about what you grab, if it’s within reach you want to touch it and of course bring it to your mouth.  You like to feel our faces too if we put them within reach.  I think you like daddy’s face better because he has more interesting textures.  You’ve also discovered your voice and have taken to screaming for fun.  It’s actually quite amusing until it turns into sad screaming.  You’ve also continued to work on rolling.  You took somewhere between two and three weeks off from when you first figured out how to roll until you did it again.  You still don’t do more than a couple a day but it does seem you remember how to.  You’re still working on rolling from your back to your tummy but you’ll figure that out eventually.

For about a month you’ve essentially been sleeping through the night.  You stir to nurse but your little eyes are closed from 7:30 until 6:30.

Love you always,

Mommy and Daddy










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