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River: Four Months

Dear River,

This month was a lot of fun!!

At the begining of the month you let out your first giggles and now you giggle some nearly every day.  Your daddy and I go to extreme lengths to get those joyous belly laughs out of you.  You started the month trying really hard to roll when we placed you in tummy time.  Now you roll when you feel like it (just every few days).  You’ve started to be very attached to mommy which while it touches my heart that you love me so, it makes daddy sad.  For now in times of distress, mommy is the answer.  All of a sudden your hands have become extremely interesting.  You enjoy staring at them and even more, enjoy sucking on those tasty hands.  You’ve started grunting as you work to bring your hands and whatever they can grab to your gaping mouth.  You still don’t like car rides but generally after ten minutes you fall asleep from what I presume is exhaustion and I breath a sigh of relief at the sudden silence.

You’ve started sleeping through the night now and we’ve recently implemented a bedtime for you.  When you started being awake later than we wanted to go to bed ourselves it seemed time to get you to sleep sooner.

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy





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