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River: Three Months

Dear River,

You are truly an amazing little baby.  Your daddy and I still look at each other when you’re sleeping peacefully between us and ask; how did we get soo soo lucky?  We get to keep you, this insanely beautiful and awesome little being, forever.  Thank you for trusting us.

You’ve taught us so much in these first few months.  You’ve taught us to trust our instincts and to trust in what feels right.  And we thank you for that.  For it has given us the confidence to be the parents we want to be and embrace the child you are.  To trust in today instead of focusing so much on the future.

All month you’ve been making subtle and gradual movements toward milestones.  From those first couple smiles at the start of the month you’ve blossomed into one very smily baby.  Sometimes you give daddy a huge smile when you see his face or hear his voice in the evening and that absolutely makes his day.  You’ve moved beyond your first bits of baby babble and now carry on whole conversations punctuated by flailing limbs and increasingly louder shrieks.  You love it when we engage in your conversation and we gladly do so.  By now evenings have gotten much easier (though still not easy).  Daddy still wears you to sleep but generally you surrender to sleep pretty quickly.  You generally sleep soundly until about 4am and then move into a more restless state of sleep and more frequent feeding.  You love baths now.  Generally you chill out with your feet resting in the warm water and a warm washcloth over your body as we scrub, wash, and try out new hairdos with that wild hair.  Through the course of the month you’ve moved from a little bobble head baby to one with her head securely perched.  Good job!

Happy three months dearest River!  We love you so very much!

Mommy and Daddy





River and I





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