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River: Two Months

Dear River,

You continued to grow like a weed this month.  At your two month appointment you weighed in at 9 lbs 2 oz and we can hardly believe how tiny you used to be.  Sadly at that appointment you also got your first shots and you did not like that very much at all (and neither did we, it’s incredibly sad to see you so unhappy).  Last week you shed your first real tears and now it breaks our hearts a little every time we see those shiny eyes.  At about seven weeks you had your first cold, luckily a very mild one.   Much to daddy’s delight you’re now smiling at us and we love to coax those beautiful grins out of you.  Evenings have been rough and you won’t stand for being put down so we each have little dances we do in the evenings as we ease you into sleep.  Once you’re asleep daddy cuddles you close as we all go to bed.

As always, we love you, Peanut.






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