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Mary and Sean: The Wedding

As I waited with Mary as her sister and close friend fixed her dress and generally fussed over her, she was impatient.  Not in an anxious way.  No, simply in a I’m about to get married and the moment can’t come fast enough, way.  As we started to hear the sound of her mom’s flute float through the air she calmed and settled into the last few moments before the ceremony.  And then suddenly and gracefully, Mary was walking down the steps towards Sean who stood absolutely beaming.

During the entire ceremony both only stopped beaming to break into an even larger full-body laugh.  It was an incredibly joyful ceremony infused with deep love and joy.  In the ceremony outline Mary provided us with she had her vow to him at the start of the ceremony down as “I want to marry the pants off you” and Sean’s to her “I want to marry you soo hard.”  And though in their actual ceremony they said much more and incredibly beautiful words I couldn’t help but think of those words on the outline.  Words that I think express them beautifully.  Mary and Sean are not ones to delicately walk through life.  They are two who live with passion in all endeavors.

Congratulations to these two dreamers!  May all that you can imagine for yourselves come true and may you live always with broad grins and passionate love.

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