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Kelly and Joe: The Wedding

Sometimes a wedding just feels right.  It has just the right amount of love, beauty, and ease. And the right amount of things going off-plan.

That was Kelly and Joe’s wedding.

It was perfect in that it was imperfect.  The dead squirrel that had been in the bridal cabin the day before was removed prior to the wedding.  But it had been there.  The chairs were wiped over and over as the weather cleared, clouded over, and stormed repeatedly for hours as the ceremony approached.  But the weather cleared and mostly held from about five minutes after the originally intended start of the ceremony and through everyone’s departure when the generators were turned off.  The family was lovably eccentric.  Their joyous laughter filled the wedding with a tender embrace.  The approach to the wedding was interesting to say the least.  The holes, dips, and rocks along the road deemed the “wedding adventure road” forced a smile on everyone’s faces.

Kelly and Joe met at Northeastern University when they shared a wall between their dorm rooms.  Kelly was the serious student.  And Joe though serious as well, also enjoyed his time of exploration that first semester of college.  At first Kelly was annoyed by this crazy boy she shared a wall with.  And somehow that annoyance evolved into fondness and love.  I never did catch exactly how that transition of attitude happened but I think everyone is glad it did.  For to spend time with Kelly and Joe is to know they were made for each other.  Joe’s antics and lightheartedness bring a smile to Kelly’s face.  And to see Joe look at Kelly is to see the extent of his love for her.

Congratulations to you both and many wonderful years of marriage!

film images taken with Contax 645; 45, 80, and 120mm lenses; and on Kodak Portra 160, 400, and 800 as well as Ilford Delta 3200

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