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Liz and Sam: The Wedding

If I have one thing to say for this wedding it would be that it was one really, really great party.  A really great party for two wonderful, amazing, and totally in love people.

In the toasts it was clear how perfectly matched Liz and Sam are for each other.  They love each other deeply and bring out the best in each other, in laughter, in love, and full of joy.  As Sam’s brother, Ben, told it, when Sam met Liz he called Ben and told him he’d met a viking.  Sam must have been really enthusiastic because Ben didn’t know if the woman was a real viking or someone dressed as one.  It turned out this viking was Liz and on most days does not indeed look like a viking and when Ben met her he knew she was right for Sam.  Liz’s Dad, David, also saw in Sam a perfect match for Liz.  He loved Liz deeply and could bring out the best in her.  Sam also took the Lowry family jokes and antics in stride without narry the blink of an eye.  And even though Sam is *scandalously* still under 30 despite the Lowry family rule barring marriage until thirty, everyone was overjoyed at the union.

I was honored to be a part of this wedding and the story of Liz and Sam.

Venue: BMoCA

Catering: Three Leaf Concepts

Band: Diamond Orchestra

Planner: Leah Colby of La Dolce Events

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