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Carmen and Andy: The Wedding

Over the past year Carmen and Andy have invited Eric and I into their lives.  They’ve welcomed us with open arms and cheered us on as we’ve worked to develop our business and to embark on other exciting personal adventures.  So it was a pleasure for us to celebrate their wedding and to document their love and the day they had looked forward to all year.

I’ll admit that initially when I met Carmen and I saw her ticker on gmail counting down until her wedding day, I was a little worried.  I was worried that the type of bride who counts down from nine or ten months out might not be the sort of bride I’d want to work with.  But Carmen taught me something.  She taught me that I couldn’t be more wrong.  Carmen was just really, really excited to marry Andy and no matter how long she’d have to wait, she was going to be excited for the duration.

On June 24th, a year minus a day from the day Andy proposed, Carmen and Andy were married in their own backyard.  And it was perfect.  And not perfect in some sort of staid fashion.  No, perfect in its imperfections.  Perfect in how it felt.

The beautiful thing about backyard weddings is that it’s a space that’s so personal for the couple.  A space they’ve spent time over the year preparing for the wedding.  They’ve been able to enjoy the waiting by anticipating the wedding day.  By picturing how the seeds they plant months prior will look when all the guests too fill the yard.  By building patios their loved ones will stand upon as they talk, drink, and celebrate the wedding.

And the really lovely thing is that if you’re married in your backyard, you can go out anytime day or night and stand in the spot you were married.  I know, we do it in our backyard.

Congratulations on your marriage, Carmen and Andy!  We certainly hope we’ll still be seeing you even if you’re married now.

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