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Jen and Michael: The Wedding

Every wedding is unique.  Unique because of the obvious; because no other wedding exists at that time, at that place, and with those two people.  But mostly special because each wedding is a symbol of the begining of a marriage.

In the case of this wedding it was not the beginning of a marriage.  Jen and Michael were married a year and a bit ago at a courthouse.  So what was this wedding the beginning of?

For Jen and Michael it was a chance to have their marriage embraced and supported by their families.  A chance to have a wedding to look back on with fondness and to buoy the marriage when times get a little tough.  Because that is truly one of the gifts of a wedding.  To have a moment to remember specifically how you felt and when you publicly declared your love for each other.  No matter how many other times Eric and I may tell each other “I love you” those moments of the ceremony when he teared up and pledged himself to me will be the ones I come back to again and again over the years.  Jen and Michael didn’t actually talk during their ceremony.  They stood before their guests as relatives bestowed upon them symbolic tools for their marriage.  A dagger forged by Michael’s father.  A handkerchief embroidered by Michael’s grandmother.  And as they gifts were bestowed upon them to arm and support their marriage, Michael and Jen held hands that were bound together ever more by ribbon.  They will have those moments of touch to treasure, those looks across their hands into each others eyes, and those gifts to remind them of the love and support of their families that buoys their marriage.

Congratulations, Jen and Michael!  A toast to you.

Film pictures taken with Contax 645, 80mm lens, Kodak Portra 400 and 800 and Ilford XP2 400

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