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Melanie and Jason: The Engagement Session

Melanie and Jason have an energy that’s endless.  Melanie took Jason on a Jam Cruise recently to make sure he’d be okay on a boat (and conveniently without sleep and with abundant partying).  Just hearing about it made me tired but they came away from it with matching t-shirts, a wonderful experience, and a honeymoon plan.  There’s a beautiful ease between them that makes everything seem effortless.

They met each other on the internet.  And perhaps you didn’t know this, but so did Eric and I (approximately seven years ago).  For them and for us internet dating is a gift that’s brought us together.  It’s simply another way for stories to begin.

For their engagement shoot we started at Melanie and Jason’s house.  A house that’s seamlessly incorporated Melanie and her dog, Indie.  Between them they have two dogs and a cat. I never met the cat.  But Gunner and Indie made sure to greet me first thing and Gunner wasted no time in cornering me.

Luckily we planned to split the shoot in two and spent the second half at Eben G. Fine Park without Indie and Gunner.  This allowed us to have time for Melanie and Jason to concentrate on each other without worrying at all.  It was a beautifully lazy evening walking along the creek.

Eric and I are certainly looking forward to Melanie and Jason’s wedding at Planet Bluegrass this September.



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