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Anna and Josh: The Engagement Session

Meet Anna and Josh.  They live in Laramie.  And because they absolutely love any excuse to get out of Laramie we met in Fort Collins for this engagement session.

It was a beautiful Spring day and Anna and Josh were dressed to the nines.  They looked absolutely gorgeous.

What really stood out in this session were their personalities.  Often it takes a while for a couple to warm-up to the shoot.  After all it’s often their first time having professional photos taken and it can feel a bit awkward at first.  There’s this camera in front of them and this other person asking them to stand here, do this, or even just do their thing (while this other person is still there with a camera).  It’s totally understandable and the best I can do is be myself, put the couple at ease, and relieve any self-imposed pressure they may have.

To help with the warm-up in this shoot I directed movement pretty heavily.  By telling Anna and Josh what I wanted them to do they were able to relax and be released from thinking about what they should do.  I gave them the confidence that they looked good because I was structuring each set-up.  Sometimes you hear people say that they want to avoid posing.  And that they fear posing will hide their personalities.

What I’ve discovered is that posing is not the devil.  It’s my job.  And posing and individuality are not mutually exclusive.  Because my direction gives a couple structure to lean on they are able to showcase their personalities without thinking too hard about what to do.

Of course the hope is that throughout the shoot the extent to which I direct each shot diminishes as the shoot evolves towards a collaboration.  That’s what happened in this shoot and towards the end these two had fully unleashed their goofball personalities.

Thanks so much, Anna and Josh!  I can’t wait for your wedding in September. 🙂

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