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The Family Photographer

For a year now I’ve been the trusted family photographer for my friends Mary, Phil, and their daughter Hazel.  From the beginning back when I didn’t totally know what I was doing they’ve trusted me.  That means back when I was applying to the internship I did last Winter I convinced them to let me come over and photograph them cooking breakfast.  And when I came home for a week they were my first practice with maternity photographs.  And then when I wanted to do a baby’s first-year series it was Mary and Phil who I asked.

For a photographer just starting out having friends like these is invaluable.  For the best gift of support my friends have given me in this first year has been their trust.  Their trust to capture the important moments.  The trust to capture the brief moment in time of a baby’s first year.  The trust to capture a wedding.

Thank you to my friends and to their families who have come to trust me over this year. And to my clients whose trust I’ve been able to earn because of the generosity of my friends.

And thank you to the Zimmerman family for hanging out with me on a beautiful Spring day.  Enjoy the photos!

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