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Terminal A

It started when I saw the dreaded “delayed” flash on the departures board.  And then when the time flashed, 8:10 pm.  Our flight was scheduled to leave a full two hours after it’s scheduled departure setting us up to land in Fort Lauderdale at nearly 2am and then drive through the night to Naples.  It wasn’t exactly welcome news since I was already ready for bed.

They told us it was possible they’d find another plane for us but it was unlikely.  We weren’t too optimistic.

Eric and I grabbed some sandwiches and as we were finishing them something caught my eye and the gears started turning in my brain.  I had seen a picture I wanted to take.  I wondered if there was enough light for my 800 speed film I’d just had hand-checked.  My guess was that there was but I’m not the walking light meter Jonathan Canlas claims to be.  So I made a guess, I pulled out my light meter, and I found I was indeed correct.  f/4 1/60, totally doable.

And then I had a moment where I wondered if I could actually take photos in the airport.  I decided the answer was probably yes (just think of the thousands of iPhones prancing around) and if not I could always hand over the film.

Next time that camera’s coming out pronto.

Contax 645, 80mm lens, Kodak Portra 800

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