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Sweetness Beneath…



The thought beneath so slight a film –

Is more distinctly seen –

As laces just reveal the surge –

Or Mists – the Appenine

Emily Dickinson

I love Boudoir.  I love it because I find the female form incredibly beautiful.  I love it because it celebrates the beauty of all women.  I love it because it encourages a woman to pamper herself.  I love it because it’s just so much damn fun.

Like really, really fun.  Everyone laughing.  Dance party on the bed.  Champagne flowing fun.  It’s a celebration that I’m privileged to be part of.

It’s also for me one of the most high stakes shoots I can do.  Because when a woman is stripping to her underwear in front of me and trusts me that much I want to do better than the best of my ability.  I owe her that.  So in the weeks leading up to this shoot my client wasn’t the only one with a mixture of nerves and excitement.  I was right there with her doing all I could think of to prepare.  I scoured the internet for inspiration.  I tried out poses myself and made Eric feel silly and model the poses for me so I could see them (an approximation of course).  I watched sixteen hours of a Boudoir workshop.  And then it was the morning of the shoot and all I could do was show up and actually do the shoot.  And try better than my best.

And be thankful to this woman for putting her trust in me.  Thank you.  Thank you.  And thank you again.

 Film Contax 645, 80mm lens, Fuji Pro 400H and TMAX 400

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