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The story of this shoot is anything but straightforward.  It’s a story that goes back several years.  To the winter of 2010 when Eric and I were planning our wedding.  To a wedding show where we met Elizabeth and Matthew.  When we went to that show I didn’t expect anything to come out of it besides maybe sampling some good food.  But when I saw Sweet Letter Press‘ booth I begged Eric to walk over with me and look at their beautiful work.  When we walked those ten feet it didn’t even occur to me that our interaction and relationship would be anything more than a quick five-minute conversation where I told them how much I admired their work.

Somehow those few minutes did end up in something more.  They ended up in Elizabeth and Matthew creating wedding invitations we treasure.  And they ended up inspiring me to rethink my life path.  Well, not them alone, but in concert with other factors and artists.

Today I’m an artist.  But for the longest time I believed being an artist was a path closed to me.  It took planning a wedding and the stability of marriage to convince myself art was something I could do and something worth trying.

And today I look up to Elizabeth and Matthew and thank them for all they have meant to me.  Thank you for your inspiration.  Thank you for creating such beauty in your work.  And thank you for your friendship.

Oh, and happy six month birthday, Sammy!

Contax 645, 80mm lens, Fuji Pro 400H

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