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The silliest family

You’ll recognize some key players in this shoot from here, here, and here.

This family is beyond silly.  I know this of Phil but put him together with the rest of his family and the real silly comes out.  It was a joy to hang out with all nine of them.  Thank you!

Now I’m going to tell you something because I believe all photographers should always be learning.  And I believe that I shouldn’t contribute to a some sort of unrealistic portrayal of photography that says everything goes right all the time.  It doesn’t and experience really does mean something.  That’s why I keep shooting.

This shoot was hard.  I couldn’t focus.  I couldn’t be everywhere and it felt like I could hardly be anywhere well.  I’ve photographed large groups before but this was different.

I never want to realize mid-shoot that I’m unprepared but at this shoot I did.  What I should have done is taken myself aside.  And focused.  I didn’t.

Thank you to the Van Zale’s for teaching me some very valuable lessons.


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