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Gingerbread Failures

I love Carmen and Andy (see their engagement shoot here).  No, seriously.  And now that I’ve met all the kids I’m even more commited to my love of them.

Christmas is a time for family.  For lots and lots of hugs.  For raucous laughter.  For baking  together no matter the outcome (even “bloody” broken gingerbread men).  For new toothbrushes.  For Justin Bieber notebooks dropped to the floor like hot potatoes.  For snowball fights.  For the christmas tree decked with ornaments and the fireplace draped with garland.  For family traditions old and new.  And for homes warmed by love.

Merry Christmas to Carmen, Andy, Alex, Conlin, and Kate!  I love you all and can’t wait to see you again in June and fall in love with more of your crazy and wonderful family.





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