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2011: A Year in Review

*Photo of Eric and I by Susannah Allen.*

This Holiday I am thankful. So thankful. I’m thankful to be here another year. To have the simple things. A funny sleeping kitty on my lap who moments ago startled himself awake and growled. And then fell asleep again. A warm house. A Christmas tree. A quilt made by good friends to cover my lap and keep me warm. Friends and family to love, hug, cheer on, celebrate, and commiserate with. And Eric. Sweet, Eric.

As this year draws to a close I’d like to thank all of you out there on the internet reading this for making this girl’s year possible.  Without you I’d be nowhere.  And with you I can do anything.

Thank you!  Now go give someone a hug and have a Merry Christmas. 🙂

Now here’s a little tour of 2011 through my lens.

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