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The List: Part 2

To see background for this post see my post several weeks ago; The List: Part 1.

This year has been about making one particular dream a reality.  A dream that’s so big I feel almost speechless in writing a list.  For now it’s nearly all-consuming because it has to be.  I want this.  I want to succeed.  I want to still be a photographer in several years.  And most of all I want to be really good at it and always improving.

I do indeed have intermediate goals in my head for my photography career.  I’m not going to become a successful professional photographer overnight.  If overnight is five years, maybe.  But not literally overnight.  So I’ll make specific business goals each year.  For next year I’m aiming to shoot ten weddings as a lead shooter.  If I do that I’ll continue to 2013.  If I don’t I’ll have to think real hard about why I failed.

And beyond this dream there’s really only thing I really want with intensity.  To become a mother and have a child.  That’s it.

Sure, I have other things I want to do; other things I want to accomplish.  But that’s all gravy and I feel like I’d be asking for too much if I went into that now.  Now at this point where my goals are so simple.  So life-altering.  And so in transition right now.

I know I was supposed to come up with a 100 item list but I got to item 60 and I was just muddying the field and forgetting what I really wanted.  So I’ve decided to simplify and keep to a sort of guidelines for living.  I hope you’ll forgive me my divergence.

1. Become a successful professional photographer (where success equals two things: making a positive contribution to our household income and creating work I’m proud of)

2. Have a baby and be a great mother (and allow Eric to be a great father)

3. Appreciate every day I have with Eric

4. Enjoy the small things

5. Cultivate friendships

6. Seek inspiration daily

7. Travel regularly

8. Harbor no grudges

9. Fight fair and with love

10. Make the lives of those I know better for knowing me

11. Do the work

And to see an insightful list by Chase Jarvis I wholeheartedly agree with and inspires me; go here.  I swear I wrote all this before looking at Chase’s post.

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