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How to grow

Sometimes it’s important to appreciate the present.  To actually acknowledge and reflect on the beauty of a moment or a specific time in your life.  I’m exceptionally bad at this.  I mean it.

If things are going great I think about how they can be even better.  And if they’re crap I struggle through the crap and just hope things get better and look for the bright spots.

So when things started slowing down for me this Fall I didn’t sit around and enjoy my free time.  I decided I’d get an internship.  I’m at a different place than I was during my internship in Atlanta with Leah and Mark.  That internship was for exploration.  For the encouragement and community.  But I wasn’t ready for the technical or the business when I did that internship.  I was just trying to figure out if I should keep doing this photography thing and I didn’t have the head space to figure out how to run a ficticious business I didn’t even know if I wanted.  And now I’m ready.

So I’m now working with Kevin and Jessica of This Modern Life Photo because I know the importance of finding mentors in the community.  Of seeing how someone who has been doing this a while does things.  Of finding someone to really learn your stuff from.  And someone who will ask you to do things so that you can learn.  And someone to push you to grow faster than you could on your own.  And someone to cheer for you as you grow.

Photos in this post are from a shoot I assisted Kevin on the other week.  Thanks to Kevin for taking me and to Lincoln and her mother for allowing me to take a few photos in the in-between moments.

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