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Gabe and Jessica: The Engagement Shoot

This weekend I discovered something simple.  Something exceedingly empowering.  And something really wonderful.  It’s something I’ve been discovering in increments.  But until this weekend it hadn’t totally sunken in.  So here’s my discovery: I can actually run my business on clients I want.

Let me explain.  Back last Winter before I had booked a single wedding (beyond Amy and Ben, of course) I was talking to Eric about attracting the clients I wanted and what those clients were like.  I’d been watching and reading various things about branding and the importance of defining your photography brand.  Eric thought I was being a little diva-like.  Who was I, without a penny to my business, talking about my ideal clients?  Shouldn’t I be worried about just getting clients to pay me?  I was convinced that there was something to being selective.

It’s my business so I won that argument.

Ever since that discussion I’ve been operating with this goal of building my business around my ideal clients.  I do this by intentionally putting a good deal of myself and my personality here on the blog so potential clients can self-select.  I am more than just the photographs I take and I want clients to choose all of me.  I also am so incredibly grateful that I’ve been able to advertise directly to a pool of my ideal clients on A Practical Wedding (not to mention support a site I completely and totally believe in with my advertising dollars).  I’ve learned that however delusional it may have sounded on a chilly day last Winter it’s one of the smarter decisions I’ve made this year.  Why?  Because my ideal clients love me.  When we meet they’re really excited to meet me.  And I’m really excited to meet them.  And when we meet it’s like a really wonderful {professional} first date. We have a blast and I wonder where they’ve been hiding all these years we could have been friends.  And the photos reflect this relationship between photographer and subject.  They show that trust and understanding we have across the lens.  I am so thankful for every one of them!

Thank you, Jessica and Gabe!  I am beyond thrilled that you’ve chosen me to photograph your wedding.  As always, I hope you love your photos!  Thank you, as well to the folks at Left Hand Brewery who were so nice and excited about us taking photos there.  If you want my advice I’d recommend a nice glass of Polestar Pilsner or Sawtooth Ale to go with this post.



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