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Slow Down

Sometimes it’s necessary to take time to slow down.  To take time to remember just why you married your husband in the first place (or really, why you fell in love with him).  To take time to experience life and landscape.  To sit long enough to experience something.

Friday morning I wasn’t sure we would go.  Eric was tired.  We’ve been on a crazy travel schedule since early August traveling somewhere every other weekend.  But I really wanted to go and I just hoped I knew him well enough to know he needed this trip.  That once we were there he’d be glad we’d gone.  And so after Eric came home from work we packed our car for the Sand Dunes.  As the hours and miles ticked by into the night as we drove I could feel it; I could feel us refocusing on each other.  On the stars.  On the moment.  We were hundreds of miles from any obligations we had.  And we were alone with each other in beautiful silence.

As we pulled off I-25 the sky darkened and I found myself gazing silently up into the heavens.  Towards the dappled brilliance of the Milky Way.  The bright shine of Vega.  The sheer numbers of twinkling stars that decorate the dark night sky above the silhouettes of the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountains.  And lulled by the music of David Gilmour who has provided the soundtrack for some of our most magical trips.

We awoke in the morning as the sun was just making its way over the mountains and softly lighting the dunes.  We watched as the sun made its way up the dunes, across the creek bed, and to our camp under the warmth of our layers of comforters and sleeping bags.  And then finally we began our day without rush.

A day looking at prints in snow and sand.  With climbing up through the sand and running down it.  With smiles and laughs.  With dappled sky.  With each other.

And in the end we were glad we had gone.  So glad.

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