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Creative Community

Since I made it back home to Colorado back in late May I’ve spent more alone time with myself than I have in years.  And it’s been kind of lonely.  I’ve missed my photographer friends in Atlanta.

I’ve been finding my community virtually in recent months.  Through blogs.  Through Creative Live.  Through TWiT Photo.  Through Facebook.  And through A Practical Wedding of course.  It’s helped me feel less alone and continue to find inspiration.  And to be reminded to think of the larger goals of what I’m doing.  But it’s just different.  And I can’t call Jasmine Star or Chase Jarvis and propose my crazy ideas.

And now, finally, I’m starting to build a real creative community for myself here and I am so happy about that.  A community that includes Susannah who needed some photos for her website (as we all do).

I needed practice as I always do.  After months of weddings, engagements, and families it took a bit of adjusting to a single subject and photographer relationship.  But my goal was the same: to capture the spirit of my subject.  To move beyond the posed.  The automatic smile.  And to get to a place where someone looking at the photo can feel Susannah’s inviting energy.  I think I got there.

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