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My (not so) foolproof method of child photography

Before I started this photography thing I hadn’t spent that much time around small children.  I enjoyed making friends with babies in various locations: at airports, at restaurants, on trains, wherever.  If I got a smile I was on board with operation make a friend.  But my contact with actual babies that know me has been rather limited.  So when I started photographing families and babies back in Atlanta for my internship I didn’t really know how it would go.  Would the kids like me?  Would I be able to hold their attention?  Would I be able to make beautiful photographs?  Would these family sessions turn me off from having my own children?

What I’ve found is that I really like doing family photos.  And yes, I still want my own children.  I like photographing families at home going about their daily lives.  I find it relaxes the kids.  It allows them to maintain a sense of control over things while this woman they just met sticks a camera in their face.  It allows me to capture the moments I really want easier.  The moments away from the posed photos.  And it allows me to document not only the family but give context to this story of the family in the timeline of their lives.  The context of the house they lived in when the baby was little.  That couch.  That wallpaper.  That color paint.  It tells a story, each and every piece of the frame.  It’s what I do looking at old snapshots from my family and Eric’s; hungry for every bit of narrative I can find.  And now I preserve those through my own lens.

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