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Carmen and Andy: The Engagement Shoot

Carmen contacted me earlier this summer gushing about how much she loved my photographs and wanted me to photograph her wedding next summer.  I was flattered.  And frankly, a bit shocked.  It didn’t seem real.  But it was.  So real.  This past weekend Eric and I headed down to Denver to photograph Carmen and Andy’s engagement shoot.

I was incredibly nervous.  Still am actually.  I just kept thinking, “don’t mess up, don’t mess up.”  Who am I kidding, I do that at every shoot.  From the first contact I am invested.  Invested in doing my very best.  Because my clients are awesome.  Plain and simple really.  I fall in love with their stories.  Their chemistry.  Their sweetness.  Their humor.  And I know if my photos suck it’s my fault.

From the moment I met Andy and Carmen I was sold.  I was in love.  They have an incredible warmth to them that made me feel instantly welcome.  I walked into the front door of their house infused with their lives and personalities and understood at once why they had decided on a wedding at home (I’m a little partial here of course, see my wedding).  It’s a beautiful little house that fits them like a glove, or perhaps more aptly, like a pair of well-loved boots.  And the garden.  The garden.  I think you’ll understand when you see the photos.

After some time at the house we hopped into the car and moved onto our next set of locations; a park and pizzeria that have figured prominently in Carmen and Andy’s relationship.  The park, Clement Park, was where they first told each other they loved each other.  And the pizzeria, Brooklyn M.C.’s Pizza, a place they come to whenever they visit the park and of recent importance for their relationship as the meal they ate before Andy proposed to Carmen.

I can’t wait.   Really, it’s true.  I can’t wait for this wedding next June.  Thank you so much for your warmth and really for everything, Carmen and Andy!

P.S. The pizza was to die for.  Seriously the best New York style pizza I’ve had since I left the East Coast.  You need to go there.  And I may just need to drive 60 miles out of my way occasionally to have some.

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