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Commemorating a Moment: Anna and Evan

Anna contacted me a few months ago to arrange a shoot to commemorating herself and Evan moving in together.  I thought that was a really sweet idea.  And an idea that a couple need not be bound to the big events to capture a relationship.

It’s a philosophy that I use in a good deal of my work and that drives my style.  I don’t believe that the only time a camera should be pulled out is for a wedding or a school photo.  Or perhaps a new baby.  If that were true Eric and I will never have pictures taken again (or if we did they’d be pictures where everyone would be staring at something else beyond the two of us).  So I understood that Anna and Evan wanted pictures taken now to remember this time in their relationships and their lives and they didn’t want to wait for one of those society’s determined big events.

So one Saturday afternoon we met in Boulder and we commemorated that Anna and Evan had merged their houses and were now living together.  We took pictures to celebrate the relationship now.

Thank you, Anna and Evan.


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