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Dawn of a life together: the wedding of Dan and Lisa

It began on Saturday evening when we fed the cats at 8:30pm and went to bed (or at least tried).  And then began again when we awoke at 4:30am to our alarm of John Butler’s Daniella.  We treated this wedding like a race.  The night before we ate a simple meal we knew would predictably fill us without risking upsetting our stomachs (that meant Mexican food was out).  We went to bed early.  And then for breakfast we ate the same breakfast we eat every morning, cheerios with banana.  Because just like a race, when a wedding starts you need to be absolutely prepared no matter the time.  Our job begins before the wedding in the hours of prior experience that inform not just the photography (though certainly that as well).  A wedding is one of the most important times in a couples lives and I am going to do everything I can to make sure I am absolutely ready.

We loaded our gear into my car with the familiar sight of Orion overhead and drove towards Boulder as the first hints of light began to lighten the sky.  Dan and Lisa had their wedding at the Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder at sunrise.  They loved the harmony suggested by the start of a new day bringing in as well a start of a new chapter in their lives.

As we arrived at the top of the amphitheater the sky was a soft hued pink.  The air held the pre-dawn anticipation of a new day.  As I walked into the amphitheater I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the day.  It seemed as if the most perfect morning was unfolding.  Shortly the guests began arriving and quietly making preparations.  Someone carried a beautiful old wooden drop-leaf table onto the stage area.  Then spread a simply embroidered table cloth and placed a lovely bouquet of brightly colored flowers atop.  Someone placed single roses along the aisles Dan and Lisa would shortly walk down and on the final steps to the stage.  Someone placed bells on the benches for guests to ring as the marriage was sealed with a kiss.  And everyone talked of their happiness to be there.  Of how much they loved the couple.

I waited with Lisa and her dad and they in turn waited for Dan to walk down to the ceremony.  Lisa was convinced Dan was running late.  He was, just a tidge, but eventually he made his way down the stone steps and Lisa emerged from the car she was hiding in.  Lisa walked towards the amphitheater all smiles, illuminated by the bright orange of the sunrise, with the beautiful sound of a sixty-year old accordion flowing through the air, and arm in the crook of her dad’s.

Lisa and Dan chose to begin their ceremony by distributing small gifts of almonds to each of their guests.  As they walked around to each and every guest they welcomed each individually and acknowledged the importance of each relationship.  This simple act highlighted one of the purposes of a wedding traditionally to invite your community to uphold and support the marriage.  And it truly was a beautiful way to begin the wedding full of hugs.

Thank you so much to Dan and Lisa for allowing us to be part of this truly beautiful celebration of your love!  And thank you to my husband, Eric, for being my second shooter.  It’s truly a gift to have him with me at weddings and in my life.


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