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Showers of Luck

There’s a saying that rain is good luck on your wedding day.  If that’s true Alyssa and Jose shouldn’t ever run out of luck.  I think it’s a funny saying.  A sort of consolation prize.  You either get luck or beautiful weather.  Sort of the having your cake and eating it too.  But I digress and I’m loosing my point.  My point being it rained on Alyssa and Jose’s wedding day.  A lot.  Torrential downpour quantities.  Before the ceremony.  During the ceremony. And then, the skies parted.

I worked as a second shooter on this wedding for Rendition Studios.  Even before I heard about the mariachi band, the salsa band, and any of the other specifics I was psyched about this wedding.  I wanted to do it BAD the minute I heard it was at the Wild Basin Lodge even though I’d never been there.  I was not disappointed.  If I ever have the opportunity to point a couple towards this venue I will not hesitate.

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