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Hazel: 5 months

It seems (and I’m sure is true) that every time I see Hazel she’s grown.  And that she’s learned something new.  When we did this shoot she had just figured out how to roll from her belly to her back (she’d figured out the other direction a while ago) and now she’s linked her rolls.  A couple weeks ago she was making what sounded like farting noises with her mouth.  Something that entertained her parents to no end and made me feel inferior in my noise making abilities (I’ve had 30 years to work on that sound and still can’t do it).  Nor can I whistle.  Or blow up balloons.  Certainly there’s more that I oddly don’t seem able to do that I’m sure Hazel will master given her promising progress at five months but that’s here nor there.

This shoot was shoot number two in our first twelve months series (missed the first one for obvious thousands of miles reasons, you can see the first one which was at three months here).  The next one should be just in time for Christmas cards and we’re talking about getting pretty wild with that one and recruiting some Zombies to co-star.  It’s going to be AWESOME.

Thanks again, Mary, Phil, and Hazel!  Now watch out, I think Hazel might want to punch someone.

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