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Corley and Tristan: Before the wedding

Life is full of gifts.  Gifts expected.  Gifts unexpected.  Gifts hard-earned.  Gifts cherished. Gifts physical and gifts of words.  And gifts that go beyond words.

Last week I was lucky to receive the gift of meeting two women I’d never met before and their families.  And to document the love they have for each other and for all those around them.  Corley and Tristan found me on craigslist.  Yes, I advertise on craigslist.  They needed someone to photograph their backyard rehearsal dinner at their home.  I jumped up and down (as I do) and I emphatically accepted the job.  And then we found out we knew someone in common and it seemed fated that I’d photograph these few short hours.

I arrived early to capture the time before the dinner.  The last minute hustle.  The last minute application of makeup.  And the calm after everything’s ready and before the guests arrived.

And then in a flash it was all over.  Until the next day.  Thai food consumed.  Carefully considered gifts given.  Mini cupcakes devoured.  Within the warmth of home.  The backyard illuminated by twinkling lights, laughter, smiles, and flashes.  Hugs given all around and family and friends disappearing into the warm night air carrying with them the memories of the beauty of the love they were all there to celebrate.

I can’t thank Corley and Tristan enough for giving me this gift.  Thank you.  And may your marriage continue to be filled with the beauty, love, and roaring laughter that surrounded you this night.

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