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We met when I was a teenager

While I was in Portland I photographed a second family.  A family I’ve known for years and years.  Since I was a teenager, thin and awkward, and looked not even close to my age.  So Chris has know me for a long long time.  And I’ve known her for a long time.  My life has changed a great deal as you’d expect going from 15 to 30.

Hers has changed as well.  A few years back she married Mike, her longtime boyfriend, on Mt. Hood.  I’ve seen pictures and it looked beautiful.  And then they had Julia.  And then a couple years later, Tommy.  I remember Julia when she was a little girl before Tommy was born.  We were on a climbing trip and camping and she came up to the tent my sister and I were sharing.  She looked in.  And I became tent girl.  I don’t think she remembers that anymore but I remember little Julia.  The first time I met Tommy I remember he was helping Chris to sweep.  He was being helpful.  I think that was the night that Chris, my sister, and I went for Thai food and Mike stayed home with the kids.  That was years ago now.  Though it may be years between seeing them I do like the idea that there are people out there, people I still know, who have known me for that many years.  And for that matter, have known my sister for that many years.  I envy that.  The decades long friendships.  The shared history over that many years.  That many life changes.

So I made time this past trip to Portland to photograph Chris and the kids.  I wish I had more to show for it.  I learned one thing I could fix and one thing I’m not sure at the moment how to fix.  The easy fix would be to be less reluctant to use flash indoors for normal shoots (non-event and weddings).  The harder one, to get a nine year old to give me a decent number of pictures without her tongue sticking out.  I really tried for that one.

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