Marj Merges Beautiful. Honest. You. {and me}

They met at 14

I assisted Marilee with a truly beautiful, long awaited wedding.  Sam and Ben met when they were fourteen and were best friends for years and years.  And now, so many years later, they were becoming husband and wife.  Waiting with Sam as she walked down the aisle I could see how elated she was.  How excited she was that her time to walk down the aisle to Ben was finally here.  She told me the day had felt like one of the longest she’d lived through because she was so anxious for 7pm to finally come so she could marry Ben.  And marry him she did.  Wearing a cheek to cheek grin the entire time.

It was beautiful to see the excitement of Sam’s family to finally embrace Ben into their family.  Sam’s sisters loved Ben and were so happy to have him as a brother-in-law.  And their husbands, equally excited.  It was beautiful to see such a warm embrace of the couple into the family.  After the ceremony I watched as Ben played with Sophie, Sam’s darling precious five year old, and one of her cousins.  Sophie was catching bubbles in her flower girl basket but Ben was having a hard time throwing the bubbles Sophie had caught.  It just wasn’t working.  He told Sophie her basket seemed broken and insisted on catching bubbles with his own hands.  Which resulted in an entertaining bubble catching competition.

Thank you so much, Sam, Ben, and Sophie for allowing me to be part of this day which made your family official.  A family and a love you’ve built over the years and was truly beautiful to witness even briefly.  I wish you all the best.

As I left that night after the beautiful toasts were finished, the cake cut, and the dance party well established, Madonna was playing.  It brought me back to my college days.  To the days of parties in the dorms at my all-women college where we’d blast Madonna and sing our hearts out along to her.  It was a lovely feeling to leave with, a reminder of youth, a reminder of my own old and valued friendships, and a chorus of other women’s voices belting out Madonna.

For those of you keeping count this is wedding #5 for me.  I’m nearly onto my second counting hand.

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