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Some people have Sunday night dinners.  Some people have Christmas Eve at Grandma’s.  We have have Labor Day backpacking.  It’s our holiday and it’s a time I look forward to and treasure every year.  This year will be our 7th trip.  I’m pretty sure.  Here’s a brief history of our Labor Day trips.

2005: Four Pass Loop

2006: Flat Tops

2007: Capitol Peak/Hell Roaring Creek

2008: Circumnavigation of Mt. Yale

2009: Gunnison

2010: Nokoni and Nanita Lakes via Flattop Mt.

2011: I’ll tell you later.

It’s funny looking through these photos.  Looking at the years pass year by year.  For me, and for us, each picture has a story.  A story of who we were when we took that trip.  In 2005 we were young and it was our first longer backpacking trip.  In that picture we were at the first pass and another couple offered to take our picture.  We still had so much elevation to go, so many passes to conquer, and so many trips ahead of us.  Each photo tells these stories.  These little narrative of our lives together.  They may not be stellar and most of them are extended arm shots taken by Eric and our aim is generally just to make sure I’m also in the shot.  They tell the story of when in 2008 the Canon point and shoot Eric had had since before we met finally died but we hadn’t replaced it yet so we brought my film SLR.  The wind of the 2010 trip.  No, it’s not raining in that picture, there are just 80 mph winds blowing us every which way on top of a mountain.  And they tell the story of what was happening when we were backpacking.  In  2005 it was Katrina.  In 2010 the Four Mile Canyon Fire started the day we hiked out.  Even the clothes tell stories.  Stories of items lost, gifts given, and constancy.  I lost that purple fleece in the 2005 picture in a motel room in Utah the day after we hiked out of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Eric lost the green hat I knit him in the 2010 picture somewhere and I knit him a replacement hat for his birthday.  I bought the blue fleece for him sitting in the first apartment we shared together for his birthday that year (it was a Patagonia web special).  And I’m pretty sure if you take off the fleeces and jackets, in every single one of these pictures I’m probably wearing the exact same shirt.

It’s our tradition and I love it.

Have a great long weekend and I’ll see you back here on Tuesday with a new post.  I’m off to backpack. 🙂

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