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The most perfect wedding

I had the pleasure once again of assisting Marilee with a wedding.  Rachel and Nate’s wedding was at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, Colorado.  When I found out that I was photographing a wedding here I was over the moon and really, really excited.  Planet Bluegrass plays host to some amazing festivals over the summer (Folks Fest and Rocky Grass) and it seemed I could feel the presence of all those songs and all those people who had been in and loved that space before.

It felt exactly right.  The setting was beautiful.  There was the lush green grass that carpeted the entire area.  Kids tumbled and frolicked in the welcome green.  The deep red rocks lining the opposite edge of the river.  The raging river that sped ever onwards by.  The rafters on the raging river that flipped over directly behind the ceremony and sent a sudden outburst of laughter through the guests. The cool water to dip your toes in.  Or to throw rocks and stones into.  The soft shade of the trees along the bank of the river.  Accompanied by the beautiful and warm sound of bluegrass music.  And as the sun receded behind the hills to the west, lighted by the soft glow of stringed lights twinkling in the twilight.

Thank you, Rachel and Nate, and your wonderfully large and loving group of family and friends for allowing me to document your wedding.  I’ll treasure the beautiful memory of it and wish you the greatest of love in your marriage.

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