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Wedding #3

When I did this wedding it was indeed my third wedding.  I photographed this wedding back in June as a third shooter with Marilee.

Yes, I’m counting.  It’s pretty easy when you’re still on one hand.   I hope even when I move off my one hand and onto the other and when I get beyond ten fingers that I will still celebrate each and every wedding.  Celebrate each wedding for its special qualities.  For the beautiful relationships I witness.  For the joy on faces.  For the single exceptional quality of the day. I hope I never get jaded.  I hope I never gloss over the details.  I hope I never stop getting nervous (though a little less might be nice).

This was my first wedding of the summer season here in Colorado (my last two were in Atlanta) and I was thrilled to be assisting Marilee at this wedding.  I was even more thrilled when she eased my post-wedding anxiety and told me I had exceeded her expectations.  That’s always good to hear.

Thank you to Marilee.  And thank you of course to this couple for allowing me to document your day.  Congratulations Perry and Alex!  May your marriage be filled with joy and love.

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