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One Month

A lot can happen in a month.  For that matter a lot can happen in an instant.  The instant it takes for two people to meet and leave an indelible mark on each other.  The instant to be visited in their minds for years to come.  My husband and I have that.  We have that instant when we met outside the Dushanbe Teahouse for our first date.  The instant it takes for a child to go from a thought in their parents minds to a teeny tiny group of cells multiplying like mad.  The instant that child comes into the world.  So much.

When I last photographed Jenn little man was still hanging out in her belly.  And this time he was his own little person.  His own little four week old person.  It was wonderful to meet him.  To see how he looked at his parents.  To see his sweet little fingers and toes.

Thank you so much to Jenn, Justin, and little man for allowing me to photograph your little family and preserve this moment for you.

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