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Amy and Ben: The Wedding

I’m not going to lie.  I was insanely nervous before this wedding.  Amy was excited and giddy and couldn’t wait to marry Ben.  I was driving myself crazy with worried thoughts and hopes.  I hope I get some decent shots.  I hope I don’t miss the key moments.  I hope I do well with the family formals.  I hope everyone likes me and isn’t annoyed with my camera constantly in their faces all day.  I hope my couple portraits showcase how wonderful Amy and Ben are together.  I hope people actually use the mustaches Eric stayed up late making Thursday night at the photo booth.  I hope…

To say this past Saturday was a big deal almost feels like an understatement.  It was a huge deal for all of us.  The difference being that Amy and Ben will not repeat this experience again.  And I, hopefully I will.

The wedding was beautiful.  It was held at the Community House at Chautauqua in Boulder, a stunning historic space lined with books and character.  Amy had gushed about the ceremony when I’d seen her a couple weeks ago and it was worthy of the gushing.  Their officiant wrote a beautiful ceremony that really showcased Amy and Ben’s personalities and told us all their story.  I certainly knew parts of the story but I learned about the parts I didn’t know.  When I met Amy she and Ben had been dating for eight months and were totally and completely in love.  In the ceremony I learned about the time before that.  The time when they first saw each other.  The time when Amy wore a tiara.  The third date when they went to Chautauqua and Amy looked at the stars and Ben went into some highly scientific explanation of something.

For a guest at a wedding it’s a gift to see glimpses into the couple’s lives.  To meet all the wonderful, important people, who together with you will help support and nurture the marriage that is begun at the wedding.  Because a marriage is not alone.  And a wedding is not solely about the couple.  It’s the bringing together of their community.  A community with one thing in common, an affection for the couple.  I loved meeting everyone (something I had a great deal of license to do as the photographer).  I loved meeting Amy’s feisty Grandmother.  And her darling niece.  And Ben’s little niece who really wanted to do her own thing during family pictures.  And Amy and Ben’s parents.  And college friends.  And friends from other parts of their lives in Boulder.  All of them.

Thank you, Amy and Ben, for the gift of your friendship.  And congratulations on your marriage!  Eric and I loved photographing your wedding and hope you LOVE your photos.

P.S. For those interested in mustaches of all shapes and sizes.  Cowboy hats.  Pigs.  Cows.  Chickens.  And wolf pigs check out the photo booth photos here.

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