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Amy and Ben: The Engagement Photos

Meet Amy and Ben.  They’re awesome.  And they’re getting married tomorrow.  They’re good friends of mine and also my first wedding clients.  That means tomorrow I’m shooting MY first wedding.  I know, really big deal.  I can’t thank Amy and Ben enough for this opportunity.

These pictures are from the engagement shoot we did back in October 2010.  We all had breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants.  I talked about how I was thinking of applying to this internship and I needed to take some pictures.  I asked if I could take engagement photos of Amy and Ben.  Ben asked if I could photograph their wedding.  I promptly freaked out.  Then I realized I had a lot of time to prepare and while I wasn’t prepared to photograph a wedding in October 2010 I could make sure I was prepared when July 2011 arrived.  Their wedding has stood out to me as a landmark in the future ever since.  It’s been the reason I’ve done a lot of what I’ve done this year.  Some photographers have dozens of weddings a year.  This year I have one and I care an awful lot about it.  Partly because for me professionally this is my big break.  My make or break.  And also because these are really good friends who I really and truly want to do the absolute best for and give them some amazing photographs.

Check back next week to see the awesome photos I’m going to make.  And the rad photobooth photos Eric is going to take with his wide selection of handcrafted mustaches on sticks.

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